you have other problems lack of sleep insomnia bed time blue light
you have other problems lack of sleep insomnia bed time blue light

Originally I was going to post this under Bad Designs, but as I wrote it, it became obvious that this is not a design issue, but rather a human psychology issue…so, Thought #8 it is, enjoy.

Products, design, innovation, form, function, I love it all. But even as a lover of design, sometimes I get to the point where I have to ask…

Why are you buying this?

I am amazed at the number of products that are pumped out everyday to solve every conceivable “problem”, except the ones that really matter.

I get sleepy at work…hmm, what about a pillow you can use at your desk!?!?

Sometimes it is too cold to go for a run..hmm, how about a treadmill so you can run indoors!?!? (like a rat)

My coffee spills when I walk…hmm, what about a lid with a hole in it so you can walk and sip!?!?

I know I know I know, to somebody, at some point in time, these products fit perfectly with their immediate needs. But are they solving the problem, “the real” problem?

Seriously, do you really need a pillow to nap at your desk? Besides the fact that it is completely unprofessional…

sleep issues nap lazy office desk

…and ridiculous…

you do realise you have other problems right?

Your problem is not that it is uncomfortable to sleep at the office, your problem is that you have issues getting a proper nights rest. Are you getting your 7.5 hrs? No? Well, why not? Keep digging… but dig damn it, don’t be lazy (pardon the pun). Sleeping problems can be the result of many many factors, so yeah, keep digging. Don’t try to “solve” it by napping at work, or school, that is not addressing the real problem. The fact that you feel the need to nap at work is your body telling you something is wrong. Don’t ignore it. Listen, and stop using band-aids solutions.

Your goal is to find the root cause, and address that, not the symptoms.

Ah the treadmill, you can run… rain, hail, or shine… and people do, run during the shine. The sun is shinning, the temperature is perfect, and all the health benefits of being outdoors and exercising are wasted. Breathing in fresh air, replenishing vitamin D, exercising your eyes by adapting to different light and focal lengths, exercising other muscles by navigating different terrain, twisting and turning as you turn a corner, go up a step, or check for traffic, strengthening your coordination and balance, training your mind to stay active, alert, lucid, and fending off dementia. What a wasted opportunity to improve your life in so so many ways.

running outdoors freedom health alive

Do you really need a machine to replicate the floor moving under your feet so you can run indoors? I don’t know, I always found the treadmill to be a waste of time, 95% of the time.

Yes, it has some benefits…but the benefits of not having one are much greater.

Ok ok, I will address the coffee cup sip lid issue now, because I can feel the rage building from the caffeine deprived people since I first mentioned it only about a minute ago. I can hear them screaming, “what the F@%# is wrong with coffee cup sip lids?!?!”.

coffee cup lid

It’s simple, just ask yourself the question… Why are you spilling your coffee in the first place?

Why do you not have 5 mins to stop, pause, appreciate, taste, smell, listen, absorb, think, look, detach, dream, slow down, breathe, feel, sense, wonder, remember, smile…

Sit the F@%# down and enjoy this moment!

I’m so busy I cannot stop for 5 minutes. I’m no comedian, but that’s a bloody joke, you are only fooling yourself if you believe this. You are only damaging yourself by not taking the time to pause and reflect.

That’s what’s wrong with coffee cup sip lids!

What other stuff have you purchased that fill up your busy busy life? Perhaps it is time to to think about that.

These are just three products that address symptoms, and just like in the medical world, you can only address symptoms for a limited time before the root cause starts affecting you negatively even more.

Now of course, not every product has to solve a problem. But the fact of the matter is that ALL products solve a problem, it just usually isn’t the one you think it is solving.

Some of you may think that I am asking the wrong question, that in fact I should be asking “why are you MAKING this product?” instead. Well sure, that is a valid question, but it has a simple answer. This crap sells. Their problem is they need money, and you kindly buy it…you solve THEIR problem…merci beaucoup!

I have a saying…

“Convenience killed humanity”


If pandemics and bombs don’t kill us, convenience will. It’s a slow death, but a death none the less. Convenience products, convenience services, convenience food, convenience lifestyle….

The #1 killer at the time of writing this article is heart disease, in fact one person dies every 37 seconds in the USA from it….37 SECONDS!!!

Hmm, (not so) funny that.

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