citizenrod thinking discipline success
citizenrod thinking discipline success

Discipline, and I’m not talking about the punishment type you used to get at school (who remembers the cane? ouch! That’s right Millennials, they used to beat us at school, none of this “time-out” BS).

No, I’m talking about self discipline, self control, self management, routine, structure, foundation building.

Discipline is the basis of success.

And it starts with the little things.

Like making your bed every morning. Or returning the scissors back to the draw from which you took them. Or washing the dishes after dinner. Or changing the toilet paper roll when it runs out.

What simple tasks do you always find yourself not completing? What ‘nothing’ tasks do you keep neglecting?

This is where discipline comes into play.

If you don’t have the discipline to complete the ‘nothing’ tasks, then what chances do you have in completing the meaningful tasks, those tasks that you need to complete in order to move forward in your life.

Discipline helps you get things done.

Discipline yourself to get things done, no matter how small. Just GET THEM DONE!

‘Nothing’ tasks become routine, habitual. But they will continue to get done, effortlessly. No longer a pain, just done.

Discipline helps you achieve.

Starting with tiny wins, and slowly moving onto larger wins. How good do you feel when the kitchen is clean, the bed is made, and there is toilet paper waiting for you?

We all love creating to-do lists, checklists, downloading the latest “get-organised” app, but if you’re not ticking off those tasks, then you’re not getting anywhere, all you have is a view….a view of what you haven’t done yet.

  • Start small
  • Complete the task
  • Tick it off your list
  • Acknowledge the achievement

Before you know it, you’ll become a task completing machine. Achieving at every level, from finding those damn scissors when you need them, to finally getting that ecommerce website up and running.

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