Citizenrod bad design fire hydrant emergency
Citizenrod bad design fire hydrant emergency

I have always noticed the red fire hydrant valves outside buildings but never thought too much about their design. Not being an architect myself, I always just assumed that is the way they had to be…

Red, bold, and “ugly”

So for this reason I never thought to tag them as bad designs, as I didn’t think there was a choice. That is until I saw this:

Citizenrod bad design fire hydrant

Now this changes everything!

How is it that this one architect has been allowed to influence the look and style of the fire hydrants? Or does this mean that architects are actually allowed to redesign them?

There are rules and standards that fire equipment needs to abide by. So this architect has gone the extra mile, done his homework, studied the regulations, and determined what he could or could not do with the design, while remaining compliant.

Good on you architect!!

It’s people like you that push the boundaries and open minds.

So…does this mean that all other architects have explicitly made the decision to not include the fire hydrants as part of their master plan?? Tsk tsk tsk.

Come on guys, remember what wise old Yoda said…

Do, or do not, there is no try.

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