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citizenrod bad design soap dispenser

In most design decisions our initial intent is a positive one, but the degree to which our positive intent is realised depends on how thorough we are in stepping through the entire use/user process…before implementation.

Yep, you may “believe in cleanliness”, but is that the message you are sending when this happens?

citizenrod bad design soap drip

oops! didn’t think of that…damn users!

So what happened to your intent, your positive intent? It got lost, that’s what happened. And now, the only person that ever knew it existed….IS YOU.

So there go your good intentions, they may as well have never existed.

Kinda dark, I know… sorry “designer”.

citizenrod bad design soap mess

Opportunity? Of course.

Every problem is an opportunity, I always say.

So who wants to solve this one?

It could be as simple as a removable tray that sits underneath, which is washed out each time the toilets are cleaned.

Or it can be as complex as inventing a brand new hand cleaning device that doesn’t even use soap, instead it uses lasers to blast the germs off your hands!!

Go on, DO IT….. its frickin laser beams!

frickin laser beams

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