citizenrod bad design tin can food opener
citizenrod bad design tin can food opener
Canned food, what’s missing?

We very often take for granted our evolving technologies, designs, manufacturing techniques and more. And so we should, that’s the point, to make our lives easier.

citizenrod bad design tin can food pull ring
Old skool can on left, status quo can on the right.

So what happens when a company breaks away from the status quo? And who’s fault is it?

In this case I purchased a can of Bamboo Shoots. Without even checking, I just assumed it would be an “easy opening” can, ie. no can opener required. And at no point did it even cross my mind to check, I mean why should I, we’ve gone past this, haven’t we? Apparently not.

I don’t own, and haven’t owned a landline phone for at least 15 years, why would I, we’ve moved past that. And guess what..

I don’t own a can opener…

we’ve moved past that….or so I thought.

Ok, so now I know I need to check the cans before I purchase them, obviously we aren’t as evolved as I thought we were. Unfortunately not all manufacturing plants can afford to use, or switch to, the “latest” technologies.

So this may not be a case of “bad design” per se, but merely a fact of falling behind and not keeping up with the evolution of manufacturing.

Still, if we take an old skool can which requires a can opener to open it, and an “easy open” can which does not, and we take them at face value, without the perspective of time, yes, in this present moment, that old skool can is bad design.

I know, a bit unfair, but hey….KEEP UP!!

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