citizenrod bad design ticket purchase
citizenrod bad design ticket purchase

Ahhh maps, where would we be without them…

LOST, of course!

Maps are great. They help us find where we are and where we want to go.

But when it comes to choosing a seat at a concert, or for a sporting event, for some reason ticket retailers do not want utilise the full potential of maps and existing technology.

When purchasing a ticket they let you choose a section or area, but they don’t let you choose your seat.

Why not?

This is what you are presented with when buying a ticket to a tennis match:

citizenrod bad design technology mapping experience

But where in that 305 section am I actually sitting??

  • am I in the front row, with nobody in front of me?
  • am I right at the back in the last row, in which case I better bring some binoculars?
  • am I next to an aisle, which one?
  • am I smack bang in the middle of a row, with 20 people to my left and 20 people to my right?
  • are there spare seats around me?
  • can I bring friends? how many?
  • I don’t mind if they are not in the seat next me, but behind me or in front of me, or 2 people away, that’s ok…

So many questions, so little answers…

Event ticket purchasing has been available online for many many years now, and it

was revolution when it happened

but it seems they got stuck in the late 90’s.

citizenrod bad design technology mapping view

Airlines on the other hand have jumped at the chance to let you choose your seat. And we love it!

If you prefer:

  • the window seat
  • the aisle seat
  • the exit row with more leg room
  • the smell from the galley
  • not so close to the toilets
  • close to (or far from) your family

you can choose it! And oh how we love to choose it.

Sure we to pay a little extra for the choice, but that’s because the tickets are so damn cheap in the first place. The airline needs to recoup some money. I mean… that’s what happens when you open your market segment to include every man and his dog (a topic for another time).

It’s an interesting situation because a solution does exist. But for some reason, they don’t want to give us the privilege. Strange.

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