citizenrod bad design packaging crackers tab reseal closure
citizenrod bad design packaging crackers tab reseal closure

Package designers, why do you continue to include this slot & tongue closing option?

It doesn’t work, so stop it!!

Is it one of the commandments in the packaging bible? It must be, because we see these things everywhere. Cereal boxes, muesli bars, biscuits, laundry powder, crackers, bird food… if it’s a box, it’s probably got a slot & tongue “closing” option.

The problem is not the technique, the problem is the context.

Firstly the card used is thin. Therefore it can easily be torn, split, or destroyed in some manner.

citizenrod bad design packaging crackers tab reseal instructions

Secondly, the package manufacturer has taken the steps to glue down the flaps in which you are using the technique. GLUED! You know what that means? Rip, tear, destroy, gimme my damn crackers now!

citizenrod bad design packaging tab reseal instructions

So you have a couple things working against you here. And you should know this. For the life of me I don’t understand why this technique continues to be used in these situations.

The slot & tongue is a good technique, and it has its place. But that place is not here.

As I always say:

Every problem is an opportunity.

There are plenty of opportunities here to improve and or resolve issues. Of course we need to understand which issue we wish to resolve, as there are a few here. But I will provide one possible solution to one of the issues. The issue of giving the consumer the option of re-closing the lid. My solution is, DON’T. Don’t give the option. It is an unnecessary option, which I dare say serves no real purpose except looking nice when closed, but that’s it. It doesn’t stop bugs getting in there, so stop fooling yourself.

Packaging designers, your move…

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