citizenrod bad design ergonomic tools product
citizenrod bad design ergonomic tools product

No no no you think to yourself, as the homeless man comes to wash your windscreen. But have some sympathy, for he too suffers with badly designed tools.

The window washer/squeegee is a great too, for what it does, unfortunately it is only suitable for the human wrist at certain angles. That angle being around the 90 degree mark, perpendicular to your forearm. Greater degrees out of this range and you start to stress the ligaments in your wrist. Do it for too long, and you’ll feel the pain, and possibly do some damage.

It’s called ulnar deviation. You can see it in this next photo.

citizenrod bad design ergonomic tools squeegee

Ulnar Deviation

Make this movement with your hand, keep that angle, now turn your hand as if you were turning a key in a lock. You will note it is the same problem with non-ergonomic keyboards. Ulnar deviation at the wrist. I’m sure you have heard plenty on the dangers of typing for too long on keyboards in this manner. But never heard anything about the poor window or windscreen washer.

citizenrod bad design ergonomic pain

Another great tool, that needs improvement.

Did somebody say “opportunity’!!

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