samsung s7 mobile phone
samsung s7 mobile phone

Damn our mobile phones are sexy (if you like that sort of thing). Too sexy to be seen.

samsung s7 mobile phone cover

Ahh, that’s better.

There you go, now you are decent. Now you can go out and play.

This I don’t understand, well, I do understand, ie. I understand why people choose to cover up their beautiful phones, because they don’t want them to be damaged. But what I don’t understand is why this is even necessary. Why are mobile phone designers spending months and months designing the slickest, shiniest, sexiest phone possible, knowing all the while that the majority of people will smack a cover over them the minute they step out of the store. Completely destroying the beautiful aesthetics. What a waste.

Doesn’t make sense does it?

I myself choose not to cover my phones, I like to live life on the edge. Yes, I need to be extra careful, yes, I have dropped phones and damaged them. But I prefer to appreciate the effort the designers have gone to to make my phone so damn sweet. And it just looks better. The tactile experience is another reason, so smooth, no sharp edges, perfect joins, and SO THIN! All of which is destroyed the minute you put a cover on it.

The underlying problem here is, users need a good looking phone that can handle the environment in which they will be used. This is the point of understanding your customer and how and where your product will be used. I’m sure these phone companies have gone through all their user journeys to understand how their phones will be used…or have they? Perhaps they have focused on the interaction with the functions of the phone, but not necessarily the environmental interactions.

The underlying problem becomes less and less of a “real” problem when band-aid solutions like covers are introduced and “accepted” by users.

Designers need to not accept band-aid solutions. Band-aid solutions are a sign of bad design. Band-aid solutions are a sign that designers have missed something.

Anybody invented rubbery metal yet? (hint hint)

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