citizenrod bad design kettle handle view ergonomics
citizenrod bad design kettle handle view ergonomics

This may not be the most expensive kettle, but that does not mean it should be badly designed. Good design does not require a whole design department behind it. It merely requires some logic, and simple testing. The photo shows the typical process that would be used to fill the kettle up. This is basics 101 usability testing….

Use the product!

In trying to fill the kettle with water we encounter the first problem. How do we know when it has reached its max?

The designer was kind enough to add a water level gauge, he even wrote “Max” on it, so we know. Unfortunately he has placed it in a terrible position. I am unable to read the level while filling the kettle… the precise time when I need the gauge the most!

citizenrod bad design kettle handle visibility

Now the second issue is actually caused by the first. Due to the fact that I cannot see the water gauge, I turn the kettle so as to move the lid out of the way, so that I can peer inside. There is no indicator inside the kettle, but I’m hoping I can tell when there is too much water.

I’m taking a punt.

I shouldn’t really be guessing when it comes to water and electricity, we all know how that combination turns out. Fortunately most kettles have safety features that can help in this situation. Thank you safety standards. Never the less, designers need to think about the follow up issues that arise when they don’t design well…they could be dangerous.

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