citizenrod bad design cleaning dirty table footrest
citizenrod bad design cleaning dirty table footrest

Designed objects look great in isolation. They are like sculptures, beautiful in their form, alluring in their nature. But designers need to remember they are not designing for the National Museum. They are designing objects that will be used…by people.

Damn those bloody people!

The above seating set must have looked fantastic in the 3D rendering, and even better in the gleaming catalogue. But the designer of this “mushroom” table didn’t do he’s homework. If he had just sat down and tested the table himself, actually used it in the expected manner, he would have come to the realisation that the leg and base of the table are just too thick. If he had just sat down with a couple of people and had a cup of tea, he would have realised he had nowhere to put his feet.

citizenrod bad design dirty table footrest

Then he would have realised the second issue with this design. If people have nowhere to put their feet, they’re going to put them on your product. That means, a dirty product. Especially if you use white…doh!

So designers, you may not have a team of testers you can throw your product at, but at least do it yourself. If you’re designing a chair for reading, sit in it and read a book. If you’re designing a table set, sit in it and have a meal. It’s not that difficult.

Problem: Yes

Avoidable: Totally

Come’on designers, don’t be lazy, get up OFF you bum and test.

Or in this case get ON your bum!

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