yacht boat sail cruise luxury
yacht boat sail cruise luxury

As I always say

it’s all a matter of perspective.

And from my perspective, yachts are not designed well.

Yes, they are beautifully crafted machines, and sure nothing says I’m a millionaire like a 50′ yacht. But when I think about cruising around the harbour, enjoying the sunshine and a gin & tonic, these yachts don’t seem appropriate.


There just isn’t enough outdoor space.

What is the point of being on the water when you are confined to either a tiny outdoor platform or a massive indoor space? I didn’t get out of the house to jump into another house, which just happens to be on the water. Check out the following images.

citizenrod bad design yacht boat sail cruise luxury usable space
citizenrod bad design yacht boat sail luxury usable space
citizenrod bad design yacht sail luxury usable space

Do you see what I mean?

The outdoor space on these yachts is 1/4, if not less, of the length of the craft. What am I supposed to do with the rest of it?

It would appear yachts are created for the purpose of travel, and therefore contain all the luxuries of home. Toilets, beds, kitchens, storage space, entertainment devices, lounging units, showers, etc. So for the purpose of travel, they are great. But it is highly likely that the greater percentage of yachts are not being used for travelling, but rather for simple cruising. So if cruising is the main function of these crafts, they need to be redesigned for that purpose.

The problem is that an existing style of craft is being used for a mainly different purpose. But that’s ok, as this is how things change. This is how people with an eye for opportunity make lots of money.

Like I said, it’s a matter of perspective, and I’ll probably have a different view once I purchase my super yacht, hehehe.

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