citizenrod bad design mobile phone slick slippery usable grip

Remember the “wow” factor from yesterday’s post? Well, the wow factor is a very powerful marketing tool (just ask anybody who love’s Apple crap, I mean products). Companies use the wow factor to hook you. But the wow factor can overtake good design, allowing a not so usable product to 1. be made, and 2. be successful (in sales anyway).

citizenrod bad design mobile phone slick slippery usable grip

Take the Samsung S7 for instance, and I’m not talking about the ‘edge’…yet.

It has a gorgeous large screen which almost goes all the way to the edge. Gorgeous. But have you ever tried to pick up this phone while the screen is on? What happens? You end up pressing something on the screen. That’s what happens. Why?

Because it’s a touch screen of course.

This means that if any part of your skin touches the screen, it activates that part of the screen. Which makes it almost impossible to pick it up the phone without activating something. You accidentally turn on an app, or you click a link, or you start a chat, anything. It’s pretty annoying.

So what do you do? You adapt your normal behaviour of course.

citizenrod bad design mobile slippery usable grip

You try your best to pick the phone up without pressing anything. It’s strange behaviour for such an “advanced” product. It’s like playing a game of ‘Operation’, be careful or else…BUZZZZ!

The phone is great while it sits on the table, in your car cradle, or in your hand.

But don’t dare try to pick it up.

Even while you hold it in your hand you still need to be careful.

citizenrod bad design mobile slippery usable grip hold

The skin of your palms or fingers can wrap around and make contact with the screen. Every now and then, BUZZZZ, you trigger an action you weren’t intending.

So if there are issues with this version…how the hell do people handle the ‘Edge” ???

samsung s7 edge to edge display
Samsung S7 Edge

No idea…

But you can bet that both of these phones have made millions of sales. Because we want the latest. Because we want LARGER screens!! Gimme gimme gimme…

I’m sure the sensitivity of the screen can be adjusted. So why not do it? Or even better, add a section under ‘settings’ that allows the user to adjust the sensitivity themselves.

Great technology, but the usability not thought through completely. Even million dollar design departments don’t complete all the steps.

But look at the size of the screen!! WOOOWWW!

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