citizenrod bad design branding bowl
citizenrod bad design branding bowl

If you have a good product, you usually want people to know YOU made it. That’s when branding comes into it. But sometimes branding gets in the way.

If you’re a fan of Pyrex bowls like me, you enjoy their simple clean minimalist designs. But you also enjoy using them, that’s part of good design too. They do their job well, and you hardly notice them.

If something is designed well, you hardly notice it.

So when I purchased a new Pyrex bowl, to replace the one I broke, something was different. When using the bowl, I immediately “noticed” I was using it. In other words the design was not quite right. Something had changed, but what?

Branding! that’s what changed, and that is what I was noticing now.

I notice it every time I’m mixing, every time I’m scooping out, and every time I’m getting to the bottom of my muesli yogurt mix.

My previous bowl had the logo on the outside. This meant you saw it, but you never heard it, one of the pleasures of using this bowl. So why did they move it? Who knows…

Problem? yes.

Opportunity? always

I won’t even bother asking for suggestions because the answer is simple… Revert.

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