citizenrod bad design bathroom accessibility handles

When designing for a purpose, it is important not to do a half-arsed job.

Public toilets are changing every day, making them a more pleasant experience. We can thank good design for that. In locations where it allows, we are removing the entry doors, and using a ‘maze’ technique to not allow direct view into the toilets, while still allowing the free flow of people, both those that wash their hands….and those that don’t (you know who you are).

Here in lies the issue with public toilets. Everybody thinks they are cleaner than the next person. Hygiene concerns are a big issue, and the less people need to touch things, the better they feel, and more inclined are they to use these facilities.

So, it is great when we enter a toilet, and there are no entry doors to open, the taps have large knobs/handles, some allowing you to use your elbows (like surgeons), or even better, controlled by sensors. Sensors are all the rage right now, water, soap, towels, can all be dispensed with the wave of hand. But there is no point in intending to do the right thing by people through design, when you do a half-arsed job.

The photo below shows an ‘accessible’ bathroom. That’s right, for people with less mobility or wheelchairs. The tap handle is great, it’s large, you can use your arm, you don’t require super dexterity or strength to operate it, and the height is right too. Great design right there people!

citizenrod bad design bathroom accessibility handles

But now look at the door lock… (here is a close up)

citizenrod bad design bathroom accessibility

What the hell is that??… that’s just laziness. Did they run out of money? What happened? A great designer would not allow this. Forget budget, that is not the problem. Is it possible there are no decent, people friendly bathroom lock options available??

As I always say:

Every problem is an opportunity.

So if you’re a bathroom accessories manufacturer, here you go, a new product line (I accept cash, direct deposits, and PayPal, hahahaha just kidding).

And if you’re not a bathroom accessories manufacturer, but looking for something to do, here you go. Disrupt the bathroom accessories market!!

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