Thunder go boom boom bang?

5am, May 21st, 2017, Sydney Australia.

Lower North Shore Sydney, 5am when I was woken up by the most incredible, craziest, longest, loudest “thunder strike” I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! This is no exaggeration. It woke me up, and once awake, it kept going. It was like a huge series of explosions going off, right outside my apartment.

Earlier in the night I had crossed the Harbour Bridge, where workers were preparing for night works. So when I was woken by the loud explosive noises, my first assumption was that they had screwed something up….and boom!

I immediately ran to my balcony and listened out for anything else. I was expecting to hear sirens in the next several minutes, or dogs barking, something…but nothing. It wasn’t raining, and there weren’t that many clouds. Not the amount of clouds we’re used to seeing over Sydney during crazy thunder storms.

So it was BANG BOOM BANG BANG BOOM BOOM BANG, then total silence….no other rumbling, no other thunder… NOTHING!

I jumped on Twitter, searched #sydney, and found many people in my area saying “what the fuck was that?” It had woken up a lot of people, and Twitter was our only link. It was so loud, it had woken up hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

Now because it happened in the dead of night, and nobody was out to witness the “phenomena”, there was no real coverage of what had happened. The following day there were only small reports on the news, which basically just regurgitated the Twitter comments (yes I know, that IS typical these days).

SO WHAT? I hear you say…

Well, nobody saw it, nobody photographed or video’d it. And we’re all assuming it was lightning.

Well….I believe we missed something. Something huge. I believe we missed a cosmic phenomena, one possibly never witnessed by humans on this planet.

What was it? I have no fucking idea, but it wasn’t thunder. A wormhole? A portal? A rip in the fabric of space? A pulsar? A Moreton wave? I don’t know, but it was huge, and we missed it.

I bet you’ll never hear thunder like that again. That’s why it wasn’t thunder.

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