The machines are coming

The machines are not coming, they are already here!

Apparently some of us fear the consequences of intelligent machine development, but the fact is the intelligent machines are already here. Just because they don’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There are intelligent machines all around us, and they are here to make our lives easier. Everyday we rely on intelligent machines to control traffic flow, to regulate power, fly us to LA and back, and in some cases keep us alive.

“Machines” already make decisions for us. They may be limited in what they control, but they are making decisions. Your car for example decides when to activate Traction Control, it decides when to change gears, up and down, it decides when to deploy the airbags, and a host of other functions. And it won’t be long before our cars are driving themselves, and making an even greater number of decisions for you (thanks Google, I can’t wait!! This is not sarcasm, I reallyyy can’t wait, it’s going to be awesome).

But do we actually fear the machines. Or is this just another Hollywood fantasy. I mean, are you really scared of intelligent machines?

If you look around, you will see that the machines are already here. So unless we don’t realise they are here, or choose to deny the fact, or downplay their capacity to make decisions on your behalf, they you’re just kidding yourself.

Conclusion, the machines are already here, move on.

But what about the question of fear. Is it real, should it be real. Is it just a figment of our science fiction fantasy imagination. Yes, a cyborg walking the streets with a minigun is something to fear. But how realistic is that really.

Hmm, now that I think about it, seems I myself have fallen into the trap of looking for the Arnold Schwarzenegger look-a-like cyborg. Ok, let’s reassess this.

Let’s look at drones for example, or UAV’s (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle). They don’t look like Arnold.

The military already uses UAV’s for bombing missions. And we already have artificial intelligence in computer games which control our computer opponents. The AI in games is so good, it is the reason we enjoy our games so much. A game without a competitive rival is boring as.

Put the two together. Current unmanned but fully armed machines, together with gaming AI, and what do you get….a “cyborg” walking the streets with a minigun!    ohh oh…

So is an apocalyptic end to humanity on the cards at the hands of the machines? Maybe, we don’t know, it’s one of many possible alternate futures. We do know humans are their own, and the planets, worst enemy, and that any “intelligent” being or system would see the neutralisation or control of the human being as the best option. Another fact to consider is that science fiction has an uncanny ability to predict the future, however far ahead that may be. If you think about it, I’m writing this blog post on my Arthur C. Clark Newspad which appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

So you can run for the hills, become a prepper, or simply carry on as you have always done. Me, for now, I’ll just carry on. But remember, the machines are already here, “they” just don’t know it yet.

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