I’ve been hacked, thanks White Hat hackers

My website was recently hacked.   Oh no!   Oh yes!   yes indeed.

But, what could have turned into a disaster actually turned into an eye opening, and learning, experience. Because fortunately I was hacked by a White Hat hacker, and not by the other kind.

So what is a White Hat hacker you ask? In the industry there are 3 types of hackers, White, Grey, and Black, I’ll give you a brief here:

White Hats –
These hackers find vulnerabilities in software/sites/apps, then notify the party running those software/sites/apps so that the vulnerabilities can be addressed. You could call these your guardian angel hackers, looking out for you.

Black Hats –
These hackers also find vulnerabilities in software/sites/apps, but instead of using their powers for good, they use them for evil. They crack into systems with the purpose of stealing, compromising, leveraging, and blackmailing. These are the criminal hackers that threaten all your activities on the internet.

Grey Hats –
As you can guess, these hackers fall in-between White and Black Hat hackers. They too find vulnerabilities, but unlike the White or the Black Hats, they haven’t necessarily picked a side. Therefore they can swing both ways. It just depends…


So this is shout out to all the White Hat hackers out there. Keep up the good work, we really appreciate it.

Thanks White Hat hackers!!


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