Thank God for cockroaches

Most things on this planet serve a purpose (except those pesky humans). Be it creature or plant, they all work to create a balance, a harmony on this earth.

This got me thinking, so if everything on this planet serves a purpose, then what the hell bloody purpose do COCKROACHES serve???

…and it came to me….

We(humans) need cockroaches. That’s right, we need them.

We need cockroaches to ensure we don’t live like pigs, in filth, and catch diseases.

We know that if we don’t clean-up after ourselves, that if we don’t wash the dishes, take out the rubbish, vacuum under the bed, tidy the garage, empty the bins…….we know that if we don’t do this….they will come.

Yes them, those disgusting little crawling flying skin crawling, did I mention disgusting, cockroaches.

That’s their purpose!
That’s what they’re here for.

Thank God for the Cockroaches…


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