It was right under our noses

We are often quick to dismiss our ancestors as simple, inferior, and ignorant, but future generations will say the same about us. They will review their history, and they will laugh. They will laugh at how we lived, at our beliefs, our non-beliefs, our thoughts, and our actions.

I picture a scenario in the long distant future, where history is being taught to children. Photographs of woman wearing pearl necklaces are shown. Look at the ignorance (or innocence) of our ancestors children, for centuries they fought each other and almost destroyed the planet trying to find resources of energy. All the while they were wearing pearls around their necks and on their ears. As we know today children, just one of those pearls can produce enough energy to power your home for 10 years!


More food for thought: Hmm, I wonder where the phrase “pearls of wisdom” came from….

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