If a mobile phone rings in a forest, will someone answer it?

Why do some people feel they need to answer their phone every time it rings. Why do people run like crazy to the other room where their mobile phone is ringing just to answer it.
Did we do this when we only had landlines? The truth is I can’t remember. I remember back then I didn’t care too much for phone calls…it was never for me anyway.
I know when mobile phones first came out, calls were expensive, so most of us tried to receive calls rather than make them. Yes, at that time, we tried to answer the call rather than having to call them back, and therefore pay exorbitant mobile fees. But these days mobile calls are cheap if not unlimited. But Is this where it came from.

Another interesting phenomenon related to this topic is the “is now a good time to talk” question. I don’t know about you, but if now is not a good time to talk, I’m not picking up the phone!

We have caller ID, missed call sms, and voice mail, seriously there is no need to answer that phone right now if you can’t get to it. Especially if you are with people…
The next time your mobile rings, I dare you to
1) let it ring out,
2) don’t look at the screen while it rings, and
3) don’t touch your phone for the next 15min
I dare you!
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