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Bad Design #26 – the Australian soccer team

Nuff said…  

Perception – Every day should be Friday

It’s all a matter of perception. Why do we feel terrible on Mondays but feel great on Fridays? Sure, I understand that Monday is the first day of the week, ie. time for work, and Friday is

Double Dipping

When did double dipping become an issue? For the life of me I cannot remember “double-dipping” being a problem before that episode of Seinfeld brought it to our attention. Now days everybody is wary of double dipping.

Lemon Juice – natural selection

Ever since I can remember, my mum has seasoned green salads with lemon juice, oil, and salt, and I never thought to ask her why. I mean why would I, it tastes great. But I came across

If a mobile phone rings in a forest, will someone answer it?

Why do some people feel they need to answer their phone every time it rings. Why do people run like crazy to the other room where their mobile phone is ringing just to answer it. Did we

Is it time to paint the Harbour Bridge another colour?

Here’s a crazy idea, let’s┬ápaint the Sydney Harbour Bridge white! Imagine how nice it would look, and what a refreshing change it would make for the city of Sydney. Are we tired of gun-metal grey yet? It

It was right under our noses

We are often quick to dismiss our ancestors as simple, inferior, and ignorant, but future generations will say the same about us. They will review their history, and they will laugh. They will laugh at how we