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Bad Design #53 – it’s a lottery

Design is (or should be) everywhere, not just in products. When people think of design, they think of products. But products are not the only things that require designing. Services, processes, cities, assembly lines, communications, lighting, farming,

Bad Design #50 – we have the technology…use it

Ahhh maps, where would we be without them… LOST, of course! Maps are great. They help us find where we are and where we want to go. But when it comes to choosing a seat at a

Bad Design #42 – I thought it was a “smart” phone

When I think of SMSs (Short Message Service), I think of faxes. For any millennials out there, click here, “what is a fax machine“. I think of them as old technology, but solid and trustworthy. Your WhatsApp

Bad Design #41 – when my goal, is not your goal

Personally, I think the Opal system is fantastic. Pay for what you use, nothing else, and you don’t even need to think about it (sort of). I remember having to figure out how many sectors I was

Bad Design #40 – for the times, they are a changing

Yes, the times are a changing (pun intended), and our bus stop timetables need to change as well. Just look at how much information is on this bus stop, and that is just one side. Have a

Bad Design #35 – it’s not a nuclear launch

Confirmation can be a good thing and is often necessary. Like confirming whether you really want to launch those nuclear warheads, or whether you just bumped the switch accidentally (geez, I hope it’s not that easy). But

Bad Design #32 – it’s beautiful, quick cover it up

Damn our mobile phones are sexy (if you like that sort of thing). Too sexy to be seen. Ahh, that’s better. There you go, now you are decent. Now you can go out and play. This I