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Bad Design #48 – moooove

We like to think that bad design is corrected over time, and in most cases it is. We learn more about human behaviour, manufacturing, programming, communication, safety, ergonomics, etc etc, and as we do we realise the

Bad Design #42 – I thought it was a “smart” phone

When I think of SMSs (Short Message Service), I think of faxes. For any millennials out there, click here, “what is a fax machine“. I think of them as old technology, but solid and trustworthy. Your WhatsApp

Bad Design #40 – for the times, they are a changing

Yes, the times are a changing (pun intended), and our bus stop timetables need to change as well. Just look at how much information is on this bus stop, and that is just one side. Have a

Bad Design #35 – it’s not a nuclear launch

Confirmation can be a good thing and is often necessary. Like confirming whether you really want to launch those nuclear warheads, or whether you just bumped the switch accidentally (geez, I hope it’s not that easy). But