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Bad Design #53 – it’s a lottery

Design is (or should be) everywhere, not just in products. When people think of design, they think of products. But products are not the only things that require designing. Services, processes, cities, assembly lines, communications, lighting, farming,

Bad Design #49 – hook me up, or something

It’s nice how designers come up with little details that serve no purpose. I guess it keeps them busy…and employed. Sometimes it’s just about the illusion of purpose. In that case it’s a marketing ploy, well done,

Bad Design #43 – would you give these to Messi?

Sure, Messi gets his shin pads for free, and that’s probably a good thing, because he would be throwing these ones out every week! Now I’m no Messi (believe me, I’m not), therefore I need my purchased

Bad Design #42 – I thought it was a “smart” phone

When I think of SMSs (Short Message Service), I think of faxes. For any millennials out there, click here, “what is a fax machine“. I think of them as old technology, but solid and trustworthy. Your WhatsApp

Bad Design #39 – no home, and bad tools

No no no you think to yourself, as the homeless man comes to wash your windscreen. But have some sympathy, for he too suffers with badly designed tools. The window washer/squeegee is a great too, for what

Bad Design #38 – and they should all play “La Cucaracha”

Homer Simpson was onto something when he designed his perfect car (Season 2 Episode 15 “Oh brother, where art thou?”). He was onto the fact that car horns have issues. Yes yes, his issue with the horn

Bad Design #37 – these boots were made for walking… maybe not

Heels, or stilettos as the tall ones are called, are possibly the only piece of clothing that require the user to learn how to use them. Sure there are things like watches and ties that you may