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Bad Design #53 – it’s a lottery

Design is (or should be) everywhere, not just in products. When people think of design, they think of products. But products are not the only things that require designing. Services, processes, cities, assembly lines, communications, lighting, farming,

Bad Design #52 – knowledge is a pain in the neck

Whether you have searched the library’s computer catalogue and identified the location of the book you are after, or if you are like me, and simply like to browse the aisles for whatever catches your eye, we

Bad Design #30 – not so squeezy

Masterfoods has the great “squeeze-on” sauce dispenses. Heinz does not. Heinz continues to use the traditional, and pain in the bum, sachets. The “squeeze-on” dispenses are miles above in terms of usability, especially in the situations these

Bad Design #27 – uhh, but I only need one

What is the point of this? How many peelers could you possibly need…I’ll tell you how many, ONE! Oh I know, it’s to stop cross contamination. We don’t want the same peeler that touched my carrots, touching

Bad Design #16 – packaging, the gift that keeps on giving

I wanted to give this article the same title as a previous article, “Do, or do not, there is no try”, but that would not have been very imaginative of me. Considering how imaginative Sun Rice was

Bad Design #4 – why even bother?

Package designers, why do you continue to include this slot & tongue closing option? It doesn’t work, so stop it!! Is it one of the commandments in the packaging bible? It must be, because we see these