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Bad Design #47 – phew, I almost fell in

Warning signs are the first indicator of bad design. If a designer has had to add a sign, or instructions, to stop people performing a particular action with their product, then the design has failed. I understand

Bad Design #45 – hurry up already

Why do we get so impatient with pedestrians when we are driving? What impact does waiting an extra 20 seconds have on our lives…really. Nothing! Absolutely nothing. So as drivers we should be more patient, but we

Bad Design #41 – when my goal, is not your goal

Personally, I think the Opal system is fantastic. Pay for what you use, nothing else, and you don’t even need to think about it (sort of). I remember having to figure out how many sectors I was

Bad Design #40 – for the times, they are a changing

Yes, the times are a changing (pun intended), and our bus stop timetables need to change as well. Just look at how much information is on this bus stop, and that is just one side. Have a

Bad Design #33 – how many do you do?

I spotted this ad in a car park the other week. It raises an interesting and important question regarding the amount of time our children spend on their devices. Interestingly though this ad actually brought to my

Bad Design #14 – eewww

Shared bicycles are great. I use them all the time. I use them to travel short distances, like from my place to the Louvre, and then over the river Seine to the Eiffel Tower. Nobody honks at

Bad Design #13 — that’s beauti… uhh what’s that?

Lamps, there are thousands of them. Whatever tickles your fancy. Sizes, shapes, colours, materials, price, you name it, there’s a variation out there for you. But even with all the differences between them, they all have one