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Bad Design #45 – hurry up already

Why do we get so impatient with pedestrians when we are driving? What impact does waiting an extra 20 seconds have on our lives…really. Nothing! Absolutely nothing. So as drivers we should be more patient, but we

Things I won’t do when I have kids – #2 take a fully open stroller onto the bus

Ok, so this one could get me into a bit of trouble. Actually all of the “Things I won’t do when I have kids” posts, can get me into trouble…people are so uptight these days. Anyway whatever.

I’ve been hacked, thanks White Hat hackers

My website was recently hacked.   Oh no!   Oh yes!   yes indeed. But, what could have turned into a disaster actually turned into an eye opening, and learning, experience. Because fortunately I was hacked by

Double Dipping

When did double dipping become an issue? For the life of me I cannot remember “double-dipping” being a problem before that episode of Seinfeld brought it to our attention. Now days everybody is wary of double dipping.

When did swearing become cool?

Currently I am developing an app and have begun the process of building a business around it. So lately I have been watching and attending a lot of entrepreneurial Startup events and talks. Including pitching events, and Accelerator

You will be assimilated

Living in Australia, there has always been talk about the latest influx of immigrants and how they don’t mix, or learn the language, or learn the culture, or do what “we” do. Doesn’t matter what race you

Things I won’t do when I have kids – #1 expect restaurants to change for me

This will be the first of many posts in a series I am calling “Things I won’t do when I have kids”. No, I do not have children of my own at this point in my life.