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Bad Design #51 – clear as mud

  Another holiday, another hotel, another bathroom.. another bad design. Next time you are confronted with a situation where you need to think about “how do I open this door?”, or then next time you “mistakenly” push

Bad Design #50 – we have the technology…use it

Ahhh maps, where would we be without them… LOST, of course! Maps are great. They help us find where we are and where we want to go. But when it comes to choosing a seat at a

Bad Design #47 – phew, I almost fell in

Warning signs are the first indicator of bad design. If a designer has had to add a sign, or instructions, to stop people performing a particular action with their product, then the design has failed. I understand

Bad Design #46 – be the toilet

In a previous post I wrote about the use of glass awnings in a horizontal position, and how they get dirty too damn quickly (you can read it here). Well strolling through the park the other day,

Bad Design #36 – it’s clean, for 5 minutes…

Glass is a fantastic material. It can act as a barrier while at the same time allowing light through. Not only light, but whatever is on the other side can be visible. Architects use glass for precisely

Bad Design #28 – to flush or not to flush

Have you encountered this toilet flush button? It must be a popular, or cheap, product, because it’s in a lot of public toilets. Especially shopping centres and gyms. It has several problems, so let’s begin… 1) It’s

Bad Design #25 – hmm, didn’t think about that

Designed objects look great in isolation. They are like sculptures, beautiful in their form, alluring in their nature. But designers need to remember they are not designing for the National Museum. They are designing objects that will