Can I get a refund?

We all understand the rules surrounding the simple purchase of a product or a service. For example, when purchasing a toaster, I hand over my money, and in return I receive a device that toasts bread. If for some reason that device does not toast bread, then I am entitled to compensation in some form, and both parties know this. Right? Right.

It’s super simple, and our civilisation is based on this action, and trust, of trade. Without it, our civilisation would quickly crumble.

Ok, so what happens in this situation. I’m driving home from work, and I have two options:

1) I can take the road my tax money funds and my government supports, with all its traffic lights, people, cars, and intersecting streets, or

2) I can pay a premium to drive a road that is supposed to deliver a faster and more convenient alternative.

I decide to pay for a “service” and I take the toll road.

What happens when that tolled road does not deliver on the service? I have paid for a service, but I have not received that service. What happens now?

Apparently nothing.

Maybe I should open up a shop, accept cash, and hand over nothing.

Thankyou come again!

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