But what will mum think? Who gives a fuck!

A bit harsh, I know, but forget about the offensiveness or insensitiveness of the title, instead focus on the principle behind it. Let me explain…

Too many of us are toooooooo concerned about what other people think. It’s killing our potential and it’s destroying our road to happiness.

Why? Because it stops us from doing what we really want to do, and what in most cases, we should do.

What are my friends going to think……What will my colleagues say….I’ll look like a fool…..That’s a step backwards…..But everyone expects me to… How will I explain what I’m doing…what will society think…how will I post about it on facebook….What will mum think???

Who cares!!

I’m not saying be rude and tell everyone to go to hell. What I’m saying is DON’T LET WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK DICTATE YOUR DECISIONS (was that too loud, sorry).

(I was going to stop here because that last sentence says it all really, but there is the other side of the story which should make you worry even less)

But you know what?

In the end, it’s all in your head anyway (geez, when isn’t it?). When was the last time a friend of yours did a U-turn on his career, or relationship, or something….what did you think “Oh no, what a dick, he’s screwed now, blah blah blah blah blah”……No, I don’t think you did. Maybe you said “Cool, I wish I had the balls to do that”. Or you probably thought what most people think, “OK, whatever” and just moved on.

And that’s the point, nobody really cares. But not in an insensitive way, no, they don’t “care” because they all have their own lives and their own problems to worry about. Nobody “cares” in such a way that you shouldn’t be hinging your decisions on what you think they are thinking.

Did you get that last point?
You are making decisions based on thoughts you think people are thinking, when they haven’t even thought them yet.

I know:


Don’t let other people’s expectations control your life.

Make your own decisions and bathe in the happiness YOU created, from the decisions YOU made.

And don’t worry, you won’t lose friends and family…they’ll still be there.


(I know I know, “when did swearing become cool?”…..maybe I’m getting cooler, hehehe)
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