Bad Design #48 – moooove

We like to think that bad design is corrected over time, and in most cases it is. We learn more about human behaviour, manufacturing, programming, communication, safety, ergonomics, etc etc, and as we do we realise the design mistakes we have made in the past. As we learn we try to improve on them.

But sometimes we don’t even notice there is a problem. We are so used to the problem, that it is no longer a problem, because we have managed to work through it, and just accepted it as part of the process.

A key skill of a designer, is being able to identify a problem where most people don’t.

Here is an issue that can be found in every software application and website that has ever been made.

A bold statement I know, but let me show you.

Have a look at these 3 examples,

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Uber website
  3. YouTube website



Yes, I’m into Crypto Currency, MMA, and Futsal, hahahha anyway… moving along.

Each of these examples has a field into which a use can enter data.

A user clicks in the field, and begins typing.

The result?

That damn mouse is in the way!


Did I spell “next” correctly? I don’t know, I can’t see.

Did I spell “Citi” correctly? I don’t know, I can’t see.

Did I spell “design” correctly? You get the picture.

Sure, the history drop-down options give us clues, but we don’t always have these, such as in the Excel example, or if you are typing an email or a document, and we shouldn’t be relying on these pre-fill histories anyway. Relying on them is the same as ignoring the problem, which is not what we should be doing.

The best thing would be for the mouse, once clicked, to move slightly out of the way. There may be other solutions, but this seems to be the most obvious and simplest to me.

See if you notice this issue the next time you need to type something, anywhere, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised, hehehe.


Every problem is an opportunity. Who will grab this one first?

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