Bad Design #16 – packaging, the gift that keeps on giving

I wanted to give this article the same title as a previous article, “Do, or do not, there is no try”, but that would not have been very imaginative of me. Considering how imaginative Sun Rice was in creating this useless “pouring” hole. And it’s such an engaging little contraption too. You read the instructions, you peel off the sticker, you carefully break the perforations…

and for a moment there is hope.

…and then there is disappointment.

Thanks pouring contraption. Thanks for nothing.

But then hope returns. Perhaps the resealable sticker will be the winner. Perhaps the designer’s focus was the sticker, not the easy pour hole. Yes, that must be it. Oh designer, I believe in you!!

Bah Bow!

Oh well, at least my office supplies come in handy…


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